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Hand Hygiene is an important tool in infection prevention. We teach you how to improve it.

Corporates & Industrial

Heat strokes, infectious diseases, injuries - the risks that threaten the health of workers, the most valuable resource in a company, have multiplied over the years. Measures to control and manage health risks and infectious diseases, nowadays indispensable for maintaining a business running and ensuring productivity, are a responsibility business operators need to take in order to ensure the safety and health of their workers. SARAYA Mystair supports the realization of a comfortable and prosperous work environment making sure that everyone working in your company can work in a sanitary and healthy manner.

Hand Washing for Manufacturing Workers

Hand washing not only protects the one washing its hands, but also those around him or her. Ensure that all workers in your manufacturing facility are using the correct handwashing method and that they have the facilities to do so in a convenient, comfortable way.

Hygiene Management of Facility Equipment

Working in a clean facility ensures that dirt, mold and germs will not affect the health of its workers. Ensure that your machinery is running correctly and smoothly by cleaning and sterilizing it with products specifically designed to do so. Get in touch with us for more information.

Step up your environmental management procedures with SARAYA.


When a patient enters a healthcare facility, he is already at a risk of getting infected just by walking through the door. At Saraya Mystair, we provide you with the best products and services so that you go from being a good health provider to becoming the best.

Hand Hygiene

Hygienic hand antisepsis consists of hygienic hand wash and hygienic handrub, and the objective is to reduce the transient microbial flora, while surgical hand antisepsis is to eliminate transient flora and reduce resident skin flora before surgical operations.

Environmental Hygiene

Frequently touched surfaces that pose an infection threat to healthcare workers and patients should be regularly disinfected after skin contact since they could potentially contribute to the transmission of infectious microorganisms. The cleaning and disinfection of patient-care environment is vital, especially in the most likely to be contaminated places such as bed rails and doorknobs

SARAYA provides you the tools for a perfect medical device reprocessing system.


The pace at which HoReCa industry operates on a daily basis is meteoric. With shuffling of new customers comes a challenge to cater to their hygiene needs that must be tackled at the same pace.

We at Saraya Mystair provide innovative products and precise tailor-made solutions which lets our HoReCa clients focus on mantaining their main business of catering to people, leaving all responsibilty of hygiene upon us.

Education and promotion of healthcare hygiene was never more important. Learn with SARAYA how to set up hygiene at your facilities.

Public Spaces - Airports

A 24x7 operating airport is equally susceptible to harmful disease causing microorganisms as a healthcare facility.
SARAYA provides you the tools for a perfect medical device reprocessing system.

Welness Centres

Fitness & Wellness centres are places that are frequently forgotten while mantaining hygiene. People too have tendency to fail to understand the importance of hygiene at such places which is why it becomes essential to provide basic hygiene facilities like Hand Sanitisers, Hand Wash and Cleaning chemicals along with fresh aromatic fragrances to keep the area fit and useful for frequent use all day.

Education and promotion of healthcare hygiene was never more important. Learn with SARAYA how to set up hygiene at your facilities.


When you manage spaces that are visited by children, be it a small Education Institute or a whole University, providing comfortable and convenient facilities does make the difference. We offer amenities and suggest hygiene solutions tailor made as per the need and requirement of a particular Educational Institution
Infection & Prevention Information

They say gaining the right knowledge is half battle won. Our trained staff will show you how you can improve your infection prevention strategy, providing you facility checks, staff training and support improved through years of experience.

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