Increasing Efforts On The Fight Versus Ebola

Increasing Efforts On The Fight Versus Ebola

The current Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which by November of 2018 became the second largest outbreak of Ebola in recorded history, still has no end in sight due to the combination of a violent virus and a humanitarian crisis in North Kivu, the affected area, occasioned by a military conflict with thousands of displaced refugees. Together with the fact that this area has a lot of cross border movement due to trade with its neighboring countries Rwanda and Uganda, containment of this disease is truly an enormous task, and sadly it has already claimed 3 confirmed deaths in the latter country.

Since August of 2018, the Uganda government, together with the vital support of the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and many non-governmental organization, is stepping up efforts in disease control at the border, with stricter health checks, proactive vaccinations of their health workers, and a focus in infection prevention through disinfection.

One of the disinfection tools that we have seen in many of the photos taken of the different health checkpoints is Alsoft V, our antiviral hand disinfectant produced in Uganda. Proper hand hygiene is indeed the first barrier in infection prevention and although our efforts are nothing compared with the hundreds of doctors, nurses and volunteers that are risking their lives on the actual “battlefront”, we are in a way proud that we are helping to make a difference.

BBC’s recent coverage of the Ebola crisis with a bottle of Alsoft V on the table. Original link to the news here.

BBC’s recent coverage of the Ebola crisis with a bottle of Alsoft V on the table. Original link to the news here.

Over the last month, we have increased our production of Alsoft V by Saraya East Africa to cover the sudden demand for our disinfection products. Not only is the UN dedicating a special budget through the WHO to the purchase of alcohol sanitizers, but demand from particulars and companies, even from other countries of the continent, has also dramatically escalated. To cope with the urgency, instead of our normal channel of distribution through freighters, we are using air transportation to have a faster delivery to our Uganda factory of the components and parts necessary for our dispensers and bottles.

Together with other organizations in Uganda, SARAYA is doing everything possible to help provide the best tools to fight this epidemic.

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