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A leading multinational investment bank with offices across the globe. The bank has a reputation for its financial services around various cities both in India and around the world
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1705 JRT (Jumbo Toilet Roll)
HRT (Hard Towel Roll)

How we solved the problem

- Observation:

The Saraya Mystair team was posed with a unique challenge of providing superior quality products in both Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The team then set out to analyse the consumption patterns in various locations and collect unique data from each of them.

Through the analysis, Saraya Mystair team learned that the bank was using paper towel dispensers with tissues of different shapes and sizes with no uniformity in the products.

- Here's how we did it

We then proposed to the bank’s concerned team that a standardization all the hygiene products must be done for optimal utilisation.

Additionally, our vast distributor network across India delivered the uniform quality products to various locations on time, solving the issue for the customer.

- Result

In what can be described as a milestone for us, the Saraya Mystair team installed 2500 dispensers for the customer. The 2500 dispensers consisted of the following: 1721 foam soap dispensers, 1705 JRT dispensers, 1717 HRT dispenser and 1907 air fresheners in 23 facilities across India.

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