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SMH Paper Towel
Dispenser - 1761, 1702
SMH Multi Fold Paper Towels
Manual Foam Soap

How we solved the problem

- Observation:

Our team employed a holistic approach to solve the problem. We started by observing how the employees of the company were using the paper towels currently and analysed the usage patterns. After thorough observations for a week, we proposed an appropriate solution to the client that would bring down both the costs.

- Here's how we did it

The team explained to the client, that currently, multi-fold paper towels from a world-renowned brand were installed in the office locations. We proposed using the Saraya Mystair Paper Towel Dispenser in cafeterias and Recycled Multi-fold Towels along-with our Foam soap dispensers for the washrooms to reduce the costs. This helped immensely in cutting the usage, through our products’ optimal, no-wastage designs and compact packaging.

- Result

Post installation, the customers found that paper towel usage in cafeterias reduced by 30% and in washrooms – by 25% approximately.

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