A market leader in the Telecom industry. The company is also one of the world’s largest telecommunications services provider with offices spread across multiple locations in India
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ED06 High Speed Hand Dryer 
ED07 High Speed Hand Dryer 

How we solved the problem

- Observation:

Our team had to closely observe the existing usage patterns across multiple facilities of the Telecom Company. We then had to strategize solutions that would improve the employees’ user experience while simultaneously reducing costs to the company.

- Here's how we did it

We proposed to replace the current low-speed conventional hand dryers with high-speed, energy efficient dryers. Saraya Mystair’s high-speed hand dryers reduce energy consumption by nearly 75% as compared to the conventional hot & cold hand dryers. This is owing to the efficient and technological advanced design of our dryers.

- Result

The customer was highly satisfied with the results, since the energy consumption dropped by 75% as promised. The dryers also ensured efficient user experience for the employees whose time at the work place was optimized.

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