Fortis, Chandigarh

India’s largest multi-super specialty private Hospital in National Capital Region with branches to be set up across India.
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1709 - Foam Soap Dispenser 
1211 - Foam Soap Cartridge 

How we solved the problem

- Observation:

Our team applied a comprehensive strategy to analyse the hospital’s soap consumption patterns as well as the services that would be required in the facility. All the consumption patterns were considered for a week before suggesting the customer efficient alternatives.

We observed that the customer was using liquid soap products from various brands whose quality was unaccounted for.

- Here's how we did it

To reduce exessive consumption, we proposed to replace liquid soap with our Foam Soap and subsequent dispensers that would control the amount of soap per use.

- Result

Our Manual Foam Soap Dispenser (Product Code - 1709) and Foam soap cartridges (Product Code - 1211) were installed in the hospital that reduced their soap usage and overall costs for washroom hygiene significantly

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