Sanistar: Sanitation System for Food Safety and Reliability

Sanistar: Disinfect safely with slightly acidic electrolyzed water.

Sanistar produces unique electrolyzed water that is slightly acidic for effective disinfection. Sterilize vegetables, fish, the facilities and tools that are in contact with them, thank the Sanistar SS-300.

  • Low chlorine concentration but strong bactericidal power for great disinfection. Almost colorless, tasteless, and odorless, there is no problem if you touch or ingest.

  • Estimated usage of 3 tons/day. Suitable for food factories, restaurants, kitchens, supermarkets, etc.

  • Vegetables show little browning: Little effect on food quality, slowing browning while keeping original crispness.

  • Sanistart Water is gentle on the skin, creating little irritation, unlike other disinfectants.

  • Prevents the creation of mold where it's used.

History of Sanistar – Disinfectant of the 21st century

Until the beginning of the 21st century, disinfection by heating or using chemicals (e.g. sodium hypochlorite, alcohol, peracetic acid) had safety and environmental issues. Some devices developed which generate electrolyzed water by electrolysis of salt had also a problem of salt residue. Morinaga Milk Industry Co. developed a new technology of electrolysis of hydrochloric acid and created a high-capacity device “Purester”, which is being used in their own factory. Saraya has been selling the device for more than 10 years in Japan and started to sell it globally as “Sanistar” in 2015.

Advantages of using Sanistar Water

1. Friendly to the environment

Since Sanistar Water contains only a few chlorine, it returns to normal water immediately after it is used as a disinfectant. Even if a few amounts of chlorine remain, it is consumed when touching organic matter and doesn’t influence the wastewater treatment. Sanistar water has almost no chlorine odor and improves the working environment.

2. Energy-saving

Sanistar uses less energy compared with disinfection by steam or boiling water because it does not require heating or cooling.

3. Very safe

Sodium hypochlorite generates trihalomethane and bromic acid, while Sanistar is free from toxic substances because of its low electrolysis voltage. Sanistar Water is approved as food-additive and is safe if gets into the eyes or even swallows.

Available models of Sanistar


Applications of Sanistar Water

1. Application model in foodservice

2.  Application model in a supermarket

3. Application model in a healthcare facility

4. Application model in a food factory 

Keys of using Sanistar Water

Sanistar Water does not make any effects if applied to contaminated material, because chlorine is consumed immediately. It is important to wash enough and remove the dirt or bacteria before disinfection. Sanistar Water is not applicable to every step of hygiene control and should be used together with other solutions according to the situation.

The disinfection moments are usually limited at the end of the operation. Sanistar Water is effective to eliminate the time for bacterial proliferation and maintain a hygienic environment by being used as rinsing water at each process.

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